Creating absolute returns with dynamic logic

Real time observations, long term success

Our ability to produce custom risk averse strategies enables
diverse applications

  • We are a software company specialised in the design and development of advanced trading algorithms for large global markets. Proprietary technology is at the heart of everything we do. We design and develop all of the software and algorithms that drive our trading strategies. Our trading engines are configured to observe change and react to new market conditions quickly enabling the consistency in performance required to achieve absolute returns over the long term.

  • We take our responsibility as innovators of high alpha AI trading engines extremely seriously. Consistency of performance is of course fundamental to our future success, as is the relentless control of risk. We manage and mitigate downside risk exposure in every aspect of system and infrastructure design in this way creating a tolerance that can be applicable to a broad range of investment environments.

  • Our use of bespoke modeling techniques allows for complex trading strategies to be created, tested and implemented rapidly and efficiently. This combined with a compact and well integrated team allows for an agility of approach that enables highly efficient development and test processes. Our strategies and systems are continuously evolving increasing engine intelligence and enabling the delivery of alpha in an ever changing market.

  • The result of our design and development practices ensure that our trading engines constantly learn and update, remaining current and agile in the identification of differing market conditions. This adaptability ensures the engines deliver consistent quality trading signals. Bespoke learning technology allows our systems to successfully evolve and perform through varying market conditions both now and into the future.