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Our team of innovative thinkers and expert engineers deliver superior global trading solutions

  • Approach

    Stepping back from traditional techniques and developing systems based on logic, experience and modelling inputs beyond historic price data. The clues to future price movement are to be found in the logical interpretation of current price and order flow rather than predictions from stale data. The best indication of future movement for dynamic markets can be found from the behaviour of the markets participants in real time.

  • Technology

    Using computational power to analyse money flows and predict the herd mentality that drives price action. Our AI engines focus on confirming trends in price action and staying clear of uncertain markets. Our learning engines, in this way, are very risk aware and this continues into their trade management function. Although we do crunch numbers we like to think we crunch the right numbers.

  • Risk

    Designing to minimise losses not maximise profits. This may seem strange, but it is the downside that is the nemesis of the algorithm. Our models achieve great performance by first reducing the risk undertaken at trade entry. This in turn accentuates the performance of the trades, results in less losing trades and increased revenue. Simply put, less risk at design time equates to more profits at run time.

  • Performance

    Great performance is the result of superior trade origination and professional money management. With trade entries that are designed to be low risk and constant analysis of real time markets, Prime Direction’s adaptive analytical engines deliver out-sized performance with low drawdown percentage and incidence both now and into the future. The design logic we employ ensures system fidelity through diverse market conditions.